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Matt Wisniewski

Matt Wisniewski is an artist who makes surreal collages by combining appropriated fashion photography and portraits with nature and architectural photos. I love how the landscapes and cityscapes interact with the figures’ different surfaces. It’s fun to explore each photo and try to find where one image ends and another begins.










Prints with collage by Matt Wisniewski and photography by Derrick Leung can be purchased here.

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Luke Stephenson

Luke Stephenson is a freelance photographer from North East England. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, Dazed & Confused, Foam, Art Review and Wallpaper*.

Life in Britain and the British psyche are at the core of Luke’s work. He photographs what to many epitomises the eccentricity of Britain. Often humorous in their outlook, his series range from prize budgerigars to the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Whether animate or inanimate objects, Stephenson creates affectionate portraits of his subjects and documents worlds often hidden from the mainstream.

The Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds is one of my favorites of Stephenson’s series. I love how the colored backgrounds complement the unique plumage of each bird.






Show Bird Species: 1. Green Canary, 2. Red Canary, 3. Love Bird, 4. Budgie (Parakeet), 5. Siberian Bullfinch, 6. Splendid
Be sure to also take a look at Luke Stephenson’s light-hearted and whimsical World Beard and Moustache Championships series. It is Movember, after all!

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Chris DiNottia

Chris DiNottia creates striking landscape photos in his aptly-titled Vista series. His work reflects his passion for travel and displays the refined beauty and raw power of nature.





Check out the rest of DiNottia’s dramatic landscape photography in his portfolio.

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Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson is a surreal fine art photographer from the Chicago area. His work evokes an ethereal presence through the combination of stillness and movement often found simultaneously within one composition.

I started taking self portraits a little over a year ago. I was interested in photography but am terrible at talking with people, so I ended up using myself in nearly all of my photos. I started to spend several hours a day going alone through empty forests taking self portraits with my cameras timer. I’ve been trying to teach myself photoshop, but I really only know the basic tools. If I combine two images together I always take them in the same location, same time, same camera settings etc.







View more of Thompson’s photography on his website.

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