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Chris DiNottia

Chris DiNottia creates striking landscape photos in his aptly-titled Vista series. His work reflects his passion for travel and displays the refined beauty and raw power of nature.





Check out the rest of DiNottia’s dramatic landscape photography in his portfolio.

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Stephen Haigh

When I first saw Stephen Haigh’s work, I was blown away by his use of vibrant color and strong markmaking. I really love the palimpsest effect he created through the different layers of paint and how color is carefully used in his assemblages.

The attention in my work is put directly into the mark. Often, there’s a feeling, a memory, an experience. Sometimes it’s lasting, sometimes it’s over. Instantly. The energy is continuous and mood is conveyed in the mark that’s always writing it’s next conclusion. Letters, lines and energy appear in form and composition, although not in the conventional sense.









Read the rest of Haigh’s artist statement and view more of his work at his website.

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New Business Cards

A few months ago, I changed hosts for my website and decided to make the switch from to Along with the address change came the necessity for some new business cards.
COLOURlovers just happened to have a contest with the printing company last month for a portfolio pack pattern design. was generous enough to also offer a free portfolio pack per person with only the cost of shipping from a code found on the COLOURlovers blog. Instead of putting my efforts toward a pattern for the contest, I decided to focus my energy on creating a portfolio pack of my own.
My new business cards arrived yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier with them! They have a satin finish with just the right amount of shine, the colors were spot on, and they were trimmed perfectly.


To get a better idea of how the back of the card looks without the glare from the lighting, please visit the original portfolio post on my website.

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Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson is a surreal fine art photographer from the Chicago area. His work evokes an ethereal presence through the combination of stillness and movement often found simultaneously within one composition.

I started taking self portraits a little over a year ago. I was interested in photography but am terrible at talking with people, so I ended up using myself in nearly all of my photos. I started to spend several hours a day going alone through empty forests taking self portraits with my cameras timer. I’ve been trying to teach myself photoshop, but I really only know the basic tools. If I combine two images together I always take them in the same location, same time, same camera settings etc.







View more of Thompson’s photography on his website.

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