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Dawn Gardner

Dawn Gardner is a print based graphic designer, digital illustrator, and book artist from the UK. Her work incorporates collage from found images, typography, and geometric elements to create dynamic compositions.

Creating collages both by hand and digitally is a huge passion of mine and I love collecting vintage magazines, books and other ephemera, finding beauty in recycling forgotten images into new narratives.










Check out Gardner’s website to see more of her extensive portfolio.

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Advanced Style for Karen Walker

While I was browsing my favorite blogs this week, I was delighted to see that the ladies from Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style were chosen for Karen Walker‘s Spring 2013 Forever Campaign.
Advanced Style showcases fashion-forward seniors who prove that personal style truly gets better with age. Ilona Royce Smithkin, Joyce Carpati, Linda Rodin, and Lynn Dell, who are regularly featured in the blog, were photographed in their New York homes by Cohen for this campaign. Their fearless, eccentric, and sophisticated style truly enhances Walker’s creative eyewear designs.






Visit Advanced Style to see more photos for the Forever Campaign.

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