Top 10 Pantone Colors for 2013

Pantone was right on target with their prediction of Tangerine Tango becoming the most popular color of 2012. For 2013, it seems that its complementary color, Monaco Blue, will take its place, along with nine others inspired by Asian culture, 1950s vintage, and 1960s pop art.
These colors have already started to make an appearance in fashion and will surely continue to gain popularity in other design industries next year. I am excited to see how designers will utilize this color palette to create a sense of balance.
Here are Pantone’s top 10 predicted color trends for 2013 as seen in this year’s street style:










African Violet street style by Street Peeper, Dusk Blue street style by Stockholm Streetstyle, Emerald street style by Stockholm Streetstyle, Grayed Jade street style by Street Peeper, Lemon Zest street style by Hel Looks, Linen street style by Stockholm Streetstyle, Monaco Blue street style by Street Peeper, Nectarine street style by Stockholm Streetstyle, Poppy Red street style by Street Peeper, and Tender Shoots street style by The Sartorialist

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Luke Stephenson

Luke Stephenson is a freelance photographer from North East England. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, Dazed & Confused, Foam, Art Review and Wallpaper*.

Life in Britain and the British psyche are at the core of Luke’s work. He photographs what to many epitomises the eccentricity of Britain. Often humorous in their outlook, his series range from prize budgerigars to the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Whether animate or inanimate objects, Stephenson creates affectionate portraits of his subjects and documents worlds often hidden from the mainstream.

The Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds is one of my favorites of Stephenson’s series. I love how the colored backgrounds complement the unique plumage of each bird.






Show Bird Species: 1. Green Canary, 2. Red Canary, 3. Love Bird, 4. Budgie (Parakeet), 5. Siberian Bullfinch, 6. Splendid
Be sure to also take a look at Luke Stephenson’s light-hearted and whimsical World Beard and Moustache Championships series. It is Movember, after all!

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Dan Matutina

Dan Matutina is a Filipino designer and illustrator with a very distinct aesthetic. Each piece has a playful narrative quality and an innovative use of geometry and texture. I really enjoy the space-age, retro, and cartoon themes that he incorporates into his body of work.

My illustration style is a mix of handmade & digital, clean & dirty, old & modern aesthetics. I love mixing colors with different textures & shapes to tell a story.










Visit Dan Matutina’s website to see more of his work.

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In Loving Memory of Hana

This week I learned of Hana’s passing. She was one of my dearest friends on COLOURlovers and had nothing but kind and encouraging words to say. She always made time to individually thank all of her 2,191 followers and was one of the most optimistic, ambitious, and humble people I’ve ever met. Hana never never mentioned that she was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma, and her death was a huge shock to everyone, myself included. She was an absolute genius when it came to color and won many of the site’s contests. I will always remember her soft, feminine palettes and patterns and the inspiration from her Japanese culture.
Here is my tribute to Hana’s legacy with 10 of her most-loved palettes:










1. photograph, 2. springtime, 3. lanterns, 4. Mary’s Love, 5. (kimono*), 6. daylight, 7. Happiness!, 8. Be(e)Friend, 9. greentea*, 10. Wave…
Please visit her COLOURlovers page to view more of her beautiful palettes. Also check out her Tumblr, which is filled with inspiring images.

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Yesterday I finished my 18 x 24 inch oil on canvas painting for the America SCORES Milwaukee Inspired Art event.
The poem that inspired it was The Earth by Carlos C., age 10:
Earth rise
Fills the skies
Across the void
Of space
It lies.
Sky delight
Blue and bright
Shining in the
The exhibition and auction will be held on the evening of Friday, November 9, at the Wherehouse on 818 South Water Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tickets can be purchased here and are $45 each. $30 of the ticket price goes directly to supporting the children. The bidding starts at $100 for my painting, and 100% of the auction sale will benefit America SCORES.

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