Goodbye, Planet Earth

I recently discovered AtomA, an atmospheric Swedish ambient / post-rock / prog metal band, while browsing music videos on YouTube, and they completely blew me away with their beautiful and otherworldly sound.
The band describes their music as “a home for refugee souls of a planet in decay” and their music certainly has an apocalyptic feel to it. After listening to this album several times, Skylight has easily become one of my favorites. I love their use of synth, minimal vocals, and attention to detail in the amazing production quality of this debut album.
AtomA’s newly-released video for “Rainmen” visually captures the juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity in their music. The shifting color gradients also reflect the narrative quality of their rich soundscapes.

You can listen to a preview of Skylight here and purchase the album from Napalm Records.

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