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In Loving Memory of Hana

This week I learned of Hana’s passing. She was one of my dearest friends on COLOURlovers and had nothing but kind and encouraging words to say. She always made time to individually thank all of her 2,191 followers and was one of the most optimistic, ambitious, and humble people I’ve ever met. Hana never never mentioned that she was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma, and her death was a huge shock to everyone, myself included. She was an absolute genius when it came to color and won many of the site’s contests. I will always remember her soft, feminine palettes and patterns and the inspiration from her Japanese culture.
Here is my tribute to Hana’s legacy with 10 of her most-loved palettes:










1. photograph, 2. springtime, 3. lanterns, 4. Mary’s Love, 5. (kimono*), 6. daylight, 7. Happiness!, 8. Be(e)Friend, 9. greentea*, 10. Wave…
Please visit her COLOURlovers page to view more of her beautiful palettes. Also check out her Tumblr, which is filled with inspiring images.

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